Valentine's Day 2018: Single again this year? These 10 films will reassure you 'pyaar ek dhoka hai'

Valentine’s Day 2018: Single again this year? These 10 films will reassure you ‘pyaar ek dhoka hai’

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Single again this year? These 10 films will reassure you ‘pyaar ek dhoka hai’

Stay home watch these movies and avoid having someone

If you are single this Valentine’s Day (like every Valentine’s Day before it), here’s a playlist of movies to soothe your nerves.

Guess what day it is? Only the worst day ever for singles, Valentine’s Day.

It is the day your timeline gets bombarded with pictures of others with their teddy bears and their roses while you take to the couch and sob away. But no more! It’s time to live it up to the fullest.

How? Watch every movie from this amazing list we have prepared for you. Yes, these may be the conventional ‘boy meets girl’ plots, but nobody’s preaching here that you need a boy or a girl to make your life whole. Say amen to that and check out the list:

(500) Days Of Summer (2009):


Boy meets girl. She warns him not to fall in love with her because she will not, but he still goes ahead. She leaves him and he blames her for all things wrong in the universe. Chances are that most of you will blame Summer for leaving Tom, but it was he who was to blame for not backing out on time. You’d probably blame her for falling for someone else later, but here’s the question: Does it mean that she is incapable of love just because she didn’t reciprocate Tom’s feeling for her? 500 Days of Summer is a big reality check for all of us to pause and see if you were really ‘wronged’ in your relationship. Also, remember, getting dumped is not the end of the world.

Queen (2013):

Kangana Ranaut and Raj Kumar Yadav

Boy and girl are about to get married. Boy dumps the girl as they are about to stand at the altar. The girl is devastated for some time, but then says ‘what the hell? She goes on her ‘honeymoon’ all by herself to Europe. She makes many friends in France and Amsterdam, rediscovers herself and learns the secret of happiness: That there is so much more to life than getting married and giving up everything for someone you don’t even love.

Gone With The Wind (1939):

Vivienne Leigh and Clark Gable

Girl meets boy number one and marries him to make another boy jealous. Boy dies. Girl meets boy number two and marries him for his money. Boy dies. Girl meets boy and marries him for fun. Boy gets tired of her antics and leaves her, says he ‘doesn’t give a damn’. Love may be complicated but it is not a license to hurt people. If you can’t do it properly, keep away from it. Single people remember you are doing yourself and the world a favor.

Blue Valentine (2010):

Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams

Boy meets girl. They fall in love and get married. Fast forward: Years later, boy and girl can’t stand each other and will rip each other’s throats out if given a chance. It’s a gut-wrenching story of how happy endings may not always be how they seem. People walk into the sunset in movies but in reality, they come back home, fight about chores and the mortgage on the house. It is not a happily ever after.

Piku (2015):

Deepika Padukone Amitabh Bachchan and Irfann Khan

Girl is tired of boy’s crying foul about his constipation and the boy is her father. Piku takes care of her father, lives with him and his hypochondria and doesn’t really fuss about falling in love. She has a steady career, an active sex life and though she may sometimes feel incomplete, her father is ready with another set of his own problems that he can throw at her to distract her. He says to her ‘tum kisi aur ke ghar jaogi toh uski sewa karogi, isse better hai yahin raho and mera sewa karo’. Seems legit.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011):

Kartik Aryan Nushrat Barucha Divyendu Sharma

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