Valentine Week 2018: Celebrate Rose Day today, and read to know what each day of this week stands for

Valentine Week 2018: Celebrate Rose Day today, and read to know what each day of this week stands for

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Valentine’s Day is just a week away, but the run-up to this occasion is no less exciting. The week preceding this day of love is equally special, as each day of the week holds a special significance. While today lovers celebrate Rose Day, here’s a look at what the other days this week stand for.

Valentine’s Week Calendar:

Rose Day: The Valentine’s Week begins on February 7 with the Rose Day. This day gives people a reason to share some love with each other by exchanging this beautiful flower. While the red one is obviously in demand, as lovers exchange the same to express their feelings, Rose Day also extends to friends, who usually share yellow roses with each other on this day.
Propose Day: February 8 is Propose Day, which is the apt occasion to walk up to the person you love and declare your feelings for him or her. On this day, many make their potential partners feel special and declare their love for them. Several people also use this day to propose marriage to the person they love. After all, what better time to express your feelings than on Propose Day?

Chocolate Day: February 9 is the favourite day of many, as this day is all about chocolates. Eat them or gift them, but celebrate this day only with chocolates. From using them in desserts to surprise your loved ones to making bouquets with different varieties of this sweet indulgence, Chocolate Day is the perfect reason to make an impression with something sweet.

Teddy Day: Who doesn’t like cuddly soft toys, and February 10 is the perfect reason to gift one. Teddy Day is made for all those who love these adorable soft toys. Just a few days before Valentine’s Day, this occasion makes choosing a gift simpler. Now, how many do you plan to buy this year?

Promise Day: February 11 is Promise Day and is significant as this day demands people to rise above the material aspects of Valentine’s Day and focus on the more important facets of relationships. It urges people to promise each other a life of love and trust, for a prosperous relationship. The promise of love is for keeps no matter what happens and what circumstances come up.

Hug Day: What’s better than a tight warm hug? And February 12 gives you one more reason to embrace the people you love. A hug has the power to make things right and make people feel loved and cared for. Make the most of this day, and give the person you love, a warm hug now.

Kiss Day: A beautiful day for people in love, February 13, just a day ahead of Valentine’s Day, is Kiss Day. Make the person you love more special and cared for on this day. A delicate expression of love, a kiss can go a long way to express your feelings even without words. This Day is cherished by lovers all over.

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