How Tanushree Dutta, a former Miss India joined the biggest revolution of history "sexual harassment" #MeToo.

How Tanushree Dutta, a former Miss India joined the biggest revolution of history “sexual harassment” #MeToo.

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How Tanushree Dutta, a former Miss India joined the biggest revolution of history “sexual harassment” #MeToo.

United Nation runs an organization for gathering data on Sexual violence, while there is a continuous failure in launching a case for sexual harassment. Experts say many women/girls fail to acknowledge whether they are victims of such behavior or not.


Experts say, there are still many issues on common global standard for analyzing harassment. Everyone of us has a different opinion on the basis of different cultural understanding of the behavior.


The extent of sexual aggression towards women has always been difficult to quants, but the #MeToo campaign, step taken by actress Alyssa Milano, the consequences of Harvey Weinstein Scandal, made us easy to understand the problem closely. 4.5 million posts were received on social media platform Facebook, in the first 24 hours. When Milano invited women to share their personal experience by replying “Me Too.” 70,000 replies on her tweeter, and another 1.7 million tweets on the topic of sexual harassment have been posted, as per the social media platform. More than 85 countries have registered more than 1,000 tweet with #MeToo.


The campaign post includes regarding the sexual aggression towards women all around the world, sentence posted regarding the wrong context to sexual abuse and marital rape.


According to Experts, this campaign turns out to be a revolution.


What’s happening now is fabulous and for the first time in our history, women are speaking about the dark side of their life full of sorrow and despair and you can feel the subordination in their words. According to Andrea Molocea, a women’s rights activist in the Czech Republic.


Molokai, a Romanian native, joined #MeToo, as the many voices coming from around the world. Molocea told about being groped in the streets of her home country, receiving catcalls, and growing up in a patriarchal society that justified aggressive male behavior.

Molocea continued, her words as “I learned that if a man pulls at your pigtails or lifts your skirt, he likes you.”


Bollywood sexual harassment case Tanushree Dutta’s back in spotlight.


After a decade, former Miss India walked off a set, alleging sexual harassment.


Tanushree Dutta, a former Miss India walked off the set after alleging about sexual harassment by Nana Patekar. Nana Patekar is one of the well known and respected leading Bollywood actor. Passing a few days, her allegation was widely reported after the incident. The story vanished, “There was no compassion,” she said. “Nobody was really listening.”


Patekar denies the allegations. But in the past week, Dutta, 34, has become the face of a #MeToo campaign in Indian cinema that is pushing the industry closer to confronting its treatment of women.


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