Here's Why you Should Plan a Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

Here’s Why you Should Plan a Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

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Here’s Why you Should Plan a Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

Tourists dressed in wedding clothing walk along Habaraduwa Beach in Galle

Sri Lanka is at the third spot for being the most popular destination for weddings and honeymoons in the world.

‘Destination weddings’ once considered a luxury has become accessible to many – thanks to improved connectivity, cheaper flights, and a travel-loving generation. Couples today no longer want a run of the mill of celebration, they have moved beyond the old ‘choultry days’ instead look for experiences to make their special day truly memorable. Because the jet-setting millennials want everything perfect, they are willing to go the extra mile ‘literally’ for it.

One such destination that has become extremely popular with this generation of wedding revelers is Sri Lanka. The island nation has always been an ideal destination for an exotic wedding ceremony and currently, it enjoys the third spot as a most popular destination for weddings and honeymoons in the world. Bharathi Shetty, Founder and Managing Director of Frontier Holidays rolled down the reason why this island country is a smart choice for your upcoming wedding.

What’s in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a magical combination of pristine beaches, alluring islands, breathtaking gardens and impressive caves. Which makes the country unique and the real reason behind it’s rising popularity as destination wedding every year. And of course, who wouldn’t to get married in a large island against the backdrop of mild sound of waves and beautiful sunset?

Why Sri Lanka?


One of the biggest pluses of Sri Lanka is not its beauty rather it is its affordability. We Indians love that about the place. From the currency to cheaper flights taking you to the cities of Columbo and Kandy and the affordable stays – everything makes it an extremely attractive destination for a young couple on a budget. Also, the tax slabs are far lower when compared to India and the formalities are less tedious than many of the countries in the east.


Sri Lanka also offers a wide range of choice. You can choose to silently float a hot-air balloon, or a do jungle themed wedding, or opt for a wide sandy beach wedding with an elephant, or on glide along the river in a beautiful boat, or even better do a little private island wedding, or a tea plantation wedding, or do even a private ceremony in an old church in the hill country – the choices are endless!

What’s in for guests?

While the number of guests may have decreased over the years, Indian families still go out of their way to pamper the guests. While deciding on a destination wedding, you know you cannot leave out your guests. So, planning an engaging experience for them is essential. Imagine going parasailing, bungee jumping along with your family and friends. Most couples want to package such experiences with their destination wedding – an experience that will enthrall everyone. And it doesn’t just stop here, Sri Lanka has more to offer. Cultural festivals, gastronomical experiences, wildlife safaris, night safaris thrill everyone who visits this place. Of course, you cannot miss out on shopping, do stop by to check out those bead neck pieces, handmade jewelry and gemstones when you pass through Ratnapura.

Even though Sri Lanka is hot and humid in most time of the year, the beauty of the locations makes you forget about the climate. November to April offers the best weather in the west coast and April to September is a good time for East coast.

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