A Pakistani Journalist Took His Job Too Seriously And Reported From His Own Wedding

A Pakistani Journalist Took His Job Too Seriously And Reported From His Own Wedding

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While some report from storms, some from the war zones, here’s a Pakistani reporter who reported from his own wedding.

Journalism can be a tough job. You often don’t know where you will be reporting from. It can be a remote area with no water, and even a war zone. But you need to be prepared at all times.

It seems like a journalist from Pakistan was a little too prepared to report from anywhere– and everywhere. Hailing from Razabad, Pakistan, news reporter Hanan Bukhari of City 41 channel is making headlines because he took “work from home” too seriously.

Bukhari gave live updates from his own wedding. Yep.

Armed with a mic, facing the camera, Bukhari says, “Bahot khushi ka din ha mere liye bhi aur mere gharwalo ke liye bhi. Meri kyunki love marriage hai aur love marriage mein meri wife bhi khaasi khush hain. Na sirf meri wife balki unke ghar wale bhi khush nazar aate hain. Mere waalde mohatarram bhi yahan maujood hain jinhone betahasha ant tak mehnat karne ke baad yeh din dekha hai. Aur tamam intezamaat bhi sambhaale the unhone. ”

(“My family members and I are very happy today.
Since it is a love marriage, my wife and her family members are happy too.
My parents present here have gone to lengths and made arrangements to make this day come true.”)

Bukhari then walks up to his bride-to-be and asks,

“Aapke liye sports cars le ke aaya, heavy bikes le ke aaya…
Iss hawale se aapka kya kehna hai?”

“I got you sports cars, superbikes, what do you have to say?”)

To which she responds,

“Bahot acha laga mujhe… bahot acha laga mujhe aapne meri pehli khwaaish puri ki,
main ummeed karti hoon aap aage bhi isi tarah saari zindagi,
saari khwaaishein aap puri karenge, aap mujhe khush rakhenge.”

(“I am very happy today. You fulfilled my first wish, I hope you fulfil all my future wishes and keep me happy.”)

The video was uploaded on City 41’s official YouTube channel later.

The complete video was uploaded by a Facebook page “People of Pakistan” which is now going viral.

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